The House of Isis-Sophia of the Stars

In 1981 Vivienne O'Regan founded an active sister-centre of the Fellowship of Isis (FoI). In 1986, with the formation of the College of Isis, this centre was chartered as The Lyceum of Isis-Sophia of the Stars. It functioned for nine years under the aegis of the FoI, offering both formal and informal training and participating in the on-going development of the FoI.

Vivienne O'Regan had also developed and administered a correspondence course for the lyceum. This course enabled those unable to physically attend meetings of the lyceum to train for ordination within the Fellowship's priesthood. Many participating in the training programmes offered by the lyceum subsequently founded their own centres within the FoI developing their own training programmes and correspondence courses. In 1992 the course was published in a revised format by Aquarian Press as The Pillar of Isis: A Practical Manual on the Mysteries of the Goddess serving to make the material more widely available to those seeking a connection with the Goddess.

The lyceum functioned within the Fellowship of Isis until the summer of 1995 when the decision was made to withdraw the group from the Fellowship to function as an autonomous body. Concurrent to this, in collaboration with other autonomous groups, the House of Isis and Osiris was founded as a Mystery School with Isis-Sophia becoming one of the first three Houses within the School. The name Isis-Sophia of the Stars was retained by the group to provide a link to its history.


Vivienne O'Regan has worked actively within the Western Magical Tradition since 1973 combining a wide range of experience of different paths found under that designation. Her life-long interest in world spiritual traditions and mythology finds expression in an atmosphere of eclectic creativity within the working group she founded in 1982. This group continues today as The House of Isis-Sophia of the Stars under joint administration with her husband, Crys O'Regan.

During the 1980s as Administrator first for the London Ecology Centre and, following this, for the arts/environmental charity, Common Ground, she participated in the unfolding of the Green Spirituality Movement which looked to bring the insights of a spiritual world view to environmental issues and to ground the emerging spiritual paradigms in an active concern for the planet. She continues to support the environmental movement.

She has trained as a psychotherapist with special emphasis upon Psychosynthesis and integrates that perspective within her work. She is the author of 'The Pillar of Isis: a Practical Manual on the Mysteries of the Goddess', published by Aquarian Press 1992, and a contributor to Voices of the Goddess (edited by Caitlin Matthews). She has also contributed a number of articles to esoteric journals. She has served as an Officer of The Pagan Federation since 1992 and is a Trustee of the Pagan Hospice and Funeral Trust.

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