The Invisible College

The Invisible College was set up in 1976 to offer short and practical courses on a variety of esoteric subjects. At present we offer four residential courses and two postal courses.

The Invisible College is run by Marian Green who has been working in the field of ceremonial and folk magic since the early 1960s; she has also organised a Conference in London every March since 1968 to bring together writers and their readers. She has written more than a dozen books on ceremonial magic and aspects of witchcraft as well as editing QUEST magazine since 1970. She is a council member of the Pagan Federation.

Today Marian writes and teaches, both at The Invisible College at its various locations and at local gatherings of the Green Circle (an open organisation for seekers founded in 1985). She often speaks at venues like Alternatives at St. James Church, Piccadilly, in London as well as at other national conferences. Since 1986 she has run weekend workshops in The Netherlands, often being one of the teachers during a week-long summer school.

Marian's books:


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