Training Programmes of the Houses

Courses from the House of Isis and Osiris

Send payment and a SAE along with the note specifying the course(s) you desire to:
The House of Isis and Osiris
BCM 6812

Introductory Course

Cost: £5.00

  1. Foundation skills -- approaching the study course
  2. What is a Mystery School?
  3. The value of mythology
  4. The Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world
  5. Mind and the Mystery
  6. The place of symbols in the Westen Mystery Tradition
  7. Inner worlds
  8. Which Path? An exercise in self-assessment

Courses from The Invisible College

Send a SAE (but no money) along with a note specifying the course about which you would like more information and an application form to:
The Invisible College
P.O. Box 42

Residential Courses

Cost: approximately £120 for all the below

Postal Courses

Cost: approximately £50 for each of the following

Courses from The House of Isis-Sophia of the Stars

Send a SAE (but no money) along with a note specifying the course about which you would like more information and an application form to:
The House of Isis-Sophia of the Stars
BM Stargate

The Way of the Star

Cost: per level (You must be a full member of The House of Isis and Osiris)

Those students in possession of a copy of The Pillar of Isis may utilise this as a text book and reduce their fee for each level by 10%. Supplemental material is supplied for those working from the published book.

Based on the material contained within The Pillar of Isis, this course is structured in two levels, with an optional third for those completing both levels, and serves as a thorough introduction to the mysteries of the Goddess. Utilising a combination of theory and practice, the course encourages the student in their quest for self-knowledge and also encourages their coming into an active, personal relationship with the Goddess in her various forms.

The course is divided into three levels
Level 1 The Labyrinth of the Goddess
Level 2 The Pillar of Isis
Level 3

Level 1 (£90)

The Goddess provides the golden thread to the heart of the ancient maze pattern. This level of the course encourages the development of key foundation skills and introduces the student to a range of exercises in self-development based on the models of transpersonal psychology. The role of mythology in world spiritual traditions is explored and the quest for a tradition that speaks to the heart of the student is encouraged.

The level is comprised of 9 parts. Each part can be completed over a period of 4-6 weeks or at the student's own pace. The level is complete in itself. On completion of the level the student may ask to undergo a Rite of Rebirth which functions as a rite of passage into the Mysteries.

Level 2 (£90)

This level focuses primarily upon the Graeco-Egyptian tradition. It utilises progressive creative visualisation to guide the student in making an individual contact with the Inner Temple of Isis: a place of teaching and repository of the Goddess's love and wisdom. The original material is supplemented by new material on the aspects of the Divine Masculine. The level is comprised of nine parts. Each part can be completed over a period of 4-6 weeks or at the student's own pace.

At completion of Level Two those feeling a vocational call to seek ordination as a priestess or priest under the aegis of the House of Isis and Osiris may make application.

Level 3 (£90)

Offers an opportunity for the member to undertake a creative project that expresses their vocational aspiration to the Mysteries. At this stage input from the House of Isis-Sophia takes the form of tutorial encouragement rather than supervision of provided material. This level of the course also forms the interface with the greater work of the House of Isis and Osiris. Those completing this level may wish to undertake further responsibilities within the House of Isis and Osiris and inaugurate a House to represents their work within the Greater Mysteries.

The Mysteries of the Goddess of the Dragon and the Dove

Cost: per level (You must be a full member of The House of Isis and Osiris)

The Goddess of the Dragon and the Dove is the Trino-Sophia, the Three-Fold Goddess of Wisdom who is Patroness of the Magical Tradition. The designation of Dragon and Dove stresses the combination of earthly with starry wisdom. The emphasis of the course is magical in contrast to the more contemplative work of the Way of the Star. However, at its core remains a deep reverence for Deity and the Mysteries rather than the utilising of magic as pure technique.

The course involves intellectual study, including additional reading to that provided in the course papers, meditation and ritual work. The course is worked through at the student's own pace.

The course is divided into two levels
Level 1 Native Tradition of the Western Mysteries
Level 2 Qabalistic and Hermetic Tradition of the Western Mysteries

A further level of this programme of development, under the designation of the Wisdom of the Stars (Sophia Stellarum), is integrated into the overall work of the House of Isis and Osiris in its functioning as a vehicle for the Greater Mysteries.

Level 1 (£90)

This level of the course involves the student in gaining skills in natural magic and intensive work with the Four Elements. There is an emphasis upon working with the mysteries of the Land, including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

The eight-rayed Wheel of the Year is utilised in order that the student may learn to move in harmony with these natural magical cycles. Likewise, Lunar and Solar cycles are worked with. In addition to practical work the student is encouraged to gain an understanding of the basic principles associated with the Western Magical Tradition and of its history and present manifestations. The course is complete in itself, though is required to be completed before undertaking Level Two.

Level 2 (£90)

The emphasis on this part of the Course shifts to working with those subjects classically associated with the Hermetic Tradition: Qabalah, Alchemy and planetary energies. The symbol of the eight-pointed star utilised is symbolic of the Ogdoad of Gnostic cosmology.

The alchemy of the soul is stressed. Elements of transpersonal psychology (psychosynthesis) are combined with intellectual study, meditation and ritual work.

Courses from The House of Isis-Urania

Send payment, SAE and the appropriate completed questionnaire to the following address. All cheques should be made payable to Naomi Ozaniec. Foreign students may pay in Sterling by cheque drawn on a UK bank or by International Money Order. All students paying in a non-sterling currency are asked to add the equivalent of £8 to cover bank handling charges.

The House of Isis-Urania
BCM 6812

The Aquarian Qabalah

Cost: £90 (You must be a full member of The House of Isis and Osiris)

If you would like to apply for a place on the course, please fill out the confidential questionnaire.

We are fast approaching the end of the century. Its passing heralds the end of an age. This is a momentous event. We are privileged to stand witness to it. Yet we must do more than idly stand by if we are to fully participate in the coming revolution in consciousness. The Aquarian Age unlike the previous and now passing Piscean Age will call for a mass initiation. We see and feel the reverberations of this already. This current will only strengthen as the time passes. Mass initiation calls for an openness of initiatory paths through global communication. Aquarian consciousness is being born now in the hearts and minds of all those who are awakening to this new level of awareness. However birth is always a fraught and difficult time. We need to prepare ourselves as fully as possible. We can only do this by taking The Aquarian Initiation together.

There are many different initiatory paths, each a spoke pointing towards the centre of the Wheel of Being. The West has long had its own path of initiation, The Qabalah. This has in the past served to initiate small groups. It is a sign of the times that the once secret Qabalah may be opened to initiate the mass mind.

The ills of the world are too numerous to mention. We are witnessing the failure and collapse of the Old World Order from the foundations upwards. If we are to do in better in the future, we need a vision which encompasses the nature of the human being and the nature of the universe in which we find ourselves. Materialism has destroyed us almost completely. Its basic assumptions are flawed; its conclusions are lethal. Materialism is dead. It has failed us all. However we must do more than take on a hotch-potch of ill-assorted hopes if we are to solve any of the world's problems. We must change ourselves before we can change the world. New attitudes, new hopes and new beliefs are only the preparation for the birth of new consciousness. Attitudes can be changed, hopes can be dashed, beliefs can be disproved but the transformed consciousness will endure like a rock in the face of changed circumstances and difficult times.

Transformations in consciousness, like mighty oaks, take time to mature and develop. Initiation does not take place overnight. A seed is planted in the mind and gradually it comes to fruition. Qabalah enables us to plant many new seeds in the mind. The harvest is the transformed consciousness, The Aquarian Initiation.

Qabalah was originally an oral tradition passed from teacher to student. The word Qabalah is derived from Qbl, qibel meaning 'to receive.' This is also a subtle allusion to the fact that we 'receive' from within. Qabalah is, therefore, the perfect vehicle for self-initiation. Its teachings are presented through a single but complex image, the Otz Chiim, The Tree of Life. We may regard The Tree of Life as a secret code which holds the answers to the fundamental questions of Life. We may unlock this code if we apply the correct key. The keys to this code were once jealously guarded and surrounded by oaths of silence and secrecy. The reasons for this were simple enough. The changes created by the process of dynamic change need to be handled with care. The keys to awakening the powers of the soul were and still should be taken extremely seriously. However spiritual ideas and notions of personal responsibility are no longer confined to select groups but pervade society generally.

During this century The Western Mysteries have undergone a revolution. By mid century the closed and elitist nature of esoteric fraternities was over. Those empowered to head the newly emergent Mystery Schools were inspired by inner teachers to make Qabalistic teachings available through correspondence courses and workshops. This momentous decision marked a significant turning point in the development of The Qabalah itself. The symbolic attributions so assiduously preserved by the Golden Dawn have become public domain. Indeed leading Qabalists have done much to foster the process by presenting and explaining the once secret symbols.

Qabalah is a living dynamic tradition. Change is part of its strength. The current explosion of esoteric teaching does not devalue the Mysteries but permits sacred knowledge to be shared. Revealing the symbols does not demystify the Mysteries. For the mystery does not lie in the symbols themselves but in the personal response to the symbols, and this is the true meaning of the hackneyed and much abused term, magic.

The Aquarian Qabalah offers integrated Tarot and Qabalah studies as an initiatory system into the living dynamics of The Western Mysteries. The course is arranged so that we climb The Tree of Life by interspersing Spheres and Paths. We follow the order of ascent prescribed in the traditional teachings. Each dynamic experience whether as Sephira or Path is explained through:

  1. A Table of Correspondences which gives the traditional attributions.
  2. A Commentary which enumerates and explains the symbols.
  3. An Evocation which takes the student into a dynamic relationship with each Sephira.
  4. An original Pathworking (guided meditation) which will take the reader into a dynamic experience of the Path.
  5. Further Work -- suggested through the Expansion Points and the Recommended Reading.

The Training of a Priestess

Cost: per level (You must be a full member of The House of Isis and Osiris)

For historical reasons this course is offered by The House of Isis-Urania under the aegis of The House of Net. If you would like to apply for a place on the course, please fill out the confidential questionnaire.

"O daughters of Isis, adore the Goddess, and in her name give the call that awakens and rejoices. So shall ye be blessed of the Goddess and live with fullness of life."
from Aspects of Occultism by Dion Fortune

The priestess course offers women the opportunity to discover the Eternal Feminine, the Goddess for themselves. The course material consists of a series of papers which are taken at the student's own pace. Each paper includes a reading list and a number of themes for meditation and exploration. The student is asked to keep a magical diary for submission. The papers are designed to stimulate intellectual study, feed the emotions and awaken a higher consciousness. The course material is wide-ranging, drawing upon mythology, psychology, religious studies, history, cultural and political movements and esoteric practice. The student is expected to show a genuine commitment to the work through study and personal application.

The course is divided into three levels
Level 1 The Outer Court Turning to Face the Goddess
Level 2 The Inner Court Face to Face with the Goddess
Level 3 The Sanctuary Through the Eyes of the Goddess

Level 1 (£90)

This series of ten lessons serves as a means of orientating the student towards Goddess based spirituality. The material firstly provides a framework so that the student may gain or deepen her understanding of the many Goddess based traditions of the past and present. The lessons secondly provide clear practical instruction in a number of basic techniques which awaken and expand consciousness. The student is expected to work towards competence in these areas. This section of the course can be both cathartic and illuminating. This level is complete by itself. It takes about one year on average to complete the papers in this level.

Level 2 (£90)

Level 2 represents a deepening commitment to the ancient Mysteries. The work of this level is focused upon the Egyptian tradition. This level therefore requires a genuine interest in Egyptian studies. These eight papers build the Inner Temple and assist the student to take up personal work in the service of a chosen deity. The practical aspect of this part of the course aims to release the creativity of the hands, heart and head. Level 2 represents a true vocational call to serve the chosen heart deity. During this period the student will undertake a Rite of Rebirth and at the end of this period of work may be ordained as a priestess.

Level 3 (£60)

This level of the course provides the opportunity for personal work and commitment. The student is invited to present a piece of work which serves to honour the Goddess. Upon completion of this level, the ordained priestess may take up further responsibilities and inaugurate a House which represents the heart's desire.

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