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Organised religion developed some of the first truly great global brands. They created powerful, globally recognisable symbols such as the cross, told great brand stories, used the mass media of churches, used brand ambassadors (clerics, missionaries), created a sense of identity by attacking rivals through various holy wars and created a sense of awe and spectacle through grand cathedrals and major festivities.

Marketing Week

One of the few valid “lessons of history” is that agglutinative processes always set off fissile reactions.

Kathryn Lamb illustrationI try to cut out the carbohydrates, though that’s a little difficult if I’m served the sweet that New York chef Daniel Boulud created for me, called “La Diva Renee”. It’s pretty outrageous, full of champagne truffles and cream and topped by a sliver of chocolate on which a page from the score of Der Rozenkavalier has been printed.
 ‘My Kind of Day’,
Radio Times

Gillian Ferguson – literature
This project, to be called The Poetry of Cloning, will explore, through poetry, the scientific, medical, spiritual, social, cultural and ethical implications of cloning, and the wider context of the mapping of the Human Genome. It will seek to respond to the scientific possibilities of this new genetic research and creatively examine the challenges. After a period of research and interviews with front-line scientists, including Dr Severino Antinori, the doctor who wants to clone the first human, Gillian will create a series of ‘Light Poems’ etched or sandblasted onto glass and finally the book itself.
Scottish Arts Council ‘2002 Creative Scotland’ awards announcement

The Hegelian philosophical principle that out of a thesis and its opposed antithesis comes the hardy alloy of a synthesis has a seductive power.
The Times

There were, of course, some serious setbacks. The year 2000 saw Russia draw ahead of Caius in the number of prizes it has won.
NEIL MCKENDRICK, Master of Gonville & Caius College Cambridge, writing in its annual record, The Caian

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Sharpening efficiency
We will deliver a systematic and sustained programme of efficiency and measures for improved effectiveness, translated into sustainable local delivery to ensure the delivery of more stretching centrally derived targets. There will be more emphasis on local ownership and accountability for the identification and delivery of efficiencies.
Communicating and influencing
We will use clear and focused communications…
Environment Agency website publication The Vision for our environment: making it happen

CONTRIBUTORS: Edward Lindsay, Ian Goddard, Eoin Dillon, Ivan Proctor, Wendy Ritson, Wendy Newman, Mark Abbey.

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