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Do You Have A Younger Sister?

Ian S.

Cemental Health Records EEG49

Recorded on:
PC (AWE32 and Roland SCD-15 daughterboard) and PortaStudio (Tascam 244)

Poor little Terry, he just sits and suffers in his bedroom,
Donít know where to put himself, he sees no relief;
He hasnít scored in ages, fears that heís become a virgin,
Doesnít get seduced so much as kicked in the teeth;
He thinks of last nightís date and shudders at the whole farrago,
Spent the entire evening wishing he were dead,
Until he realised that he had nothing left to lose, and
Throwing caution to the four winds, Terry said:
"Do you have a younger sister, one who isnít so blasé?
Take me home and introduce me - maybe I could make her day;
Letís face facts, Iím no Don Juan and youíre too inaccessible
So do you have a younger sister, one whoís more caressable?"


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