Pleasance, Edinburgh
August, 2001

*** A world away from "swing your pants"

Former Saturday morning children's TV show comedians tackle grown-up subject matter but in the same old campy way.

They may conjure up exemplars of wickedness from Vlad the Impaler to Rasputin, but the show is squarely aimed at the generation who formed an attachment as students to this duo's TV performances: all the knowing '70s references, the deliberately threadbare performances and so forth are present and correct.

Trev and Simon know their constituency and play solidly to it. This is a show to go and see after a few drinks, where you can revel in nostalgia for what wasn't quite your youth at the time anyway. They do their job with a cheery, shambolic efficiency, but it's not really the kind of event to go to on spec, as it were. If you know what you want, they'll supply it; if not, it may simply pass you by.

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