Close Enough To Fun: songs from a summer 

Ian S.

Cemental Health Records EEG29

Ian Shuttleworth plays guitar, bass, keyboards & rhythm box, and vocalises.

Recorded September 1985 at Ghetto; produced, engineered and mixed by I.S., 
except drums on Clothing and The Acquisitive Instinct by Eoin Patterson; 
recorded at the Winter Headquarters, engineered by Iain Walker; demos recorded in various locations. 
Isosceles ’95 recorded at The Hide by I.S., 1995.

All titles I.S., © control Anal Memoranda, except 
march from The End Of Europe Jerzy Satanowski (arranged I.S.), publisher unknown.

Thanks to Iain and to Endel Öpik for the loan of equipment.

Digitally remastered November 2004–January 2005.

(P) 1985, 1986, 2005 Cemental Health Records. 

Front cover: “Now look’ee, mister, we ain’t gonna have no rhomboids here!” barked Mrs Botham: by Iain Walker/D.N.I., with apologies to Glen Baxter.
Back cover by someone with no taste whatever. 


  • Clothing (4:12)
  • Patriothall (i) (1:26)
  • Tails You Lose (4:24)
  • Patriothall (ii) (1:14)
  • Box Of Whispers (2:26)
  • Patriothall (iii) (0:55)
  • Isosceles (5:42)
  • Patriothall (iv) (1:32
  • Missed (3:28)
  • The Acquisitive Instinct (4:31)
  • march from The End Of Europe (4:49)
  • Tails You Lose [bass demo] (4:10)
  • Box Of Whispers [demo] (2:05)
  • The Acquisitive Instinct [“When Grandma plays the banjo” mix] (4:08)
  • Isosceles ’95 (7:31)

Andrew Benson (alias I.S.): bass
Tim Marsh: lead vocals
Endel Öpik: keyboards
Lewis Oriel (alias I.S.): guitar
Eoin Patterson: drums
with nasty obnoxious backing vocals by Oaths In French (alias I.S. and I.W.).

Recorded January 1986 at Ghetto and the Winter Headquarters.
Produced by I.S.; engineered by I.S. and Iain Walker; 
mixed by Iain Walker; remixed by I.S.

All compositions Oriel, © control Qualified Ascent/Horse Down A Mineshaft.

For Kenneth and Kiir.

  • Reversing Into Jewelry (3:26)
  • We’re Getting There [formerly Charlottenburg] (3:11)
  • Big Magic (6:54)
  • Reversing Into Jewelry [demo] (3:55)
  • Big Magic [bass demo] (3:41)