Surface Textures 

Endel Öpik

Cemental Health Records EEG23

All compositions Öpik, © control Lonesome Kitten Ditties, except 
Myself And I Öpik/Shuttleworth, © control LKD/ Anal Memoranda;
Little Flags Öpik/Walsh, © control LKD;
Faraway Dreamlands Öpik/Walker, © control LKD/Mad Arab Music; 
Save Me Öpik/Catherwood, © control LKD/Shart III.

Recorded at the Winter Headquarters August 1985—December 1987. 
Produced and engineered by Iain Walker. 
Mixed at the Winter Headquarters by Iain Walker and Endel Öpik,
except where noted.
Digitally remastered December 2004.

This title (P) 1987, 2004 Cemental Health Records.

Thanks to Pat, John, Iain, Ian, Andrew and Lembit.
Dedicated to the memory of those songs that fell by the wayside.

Endel Öpik: vocals, piano, keyboards and programming.
John Catherwood: guitars, backing vocals and acoustic percussion.
Iain Walker: additional programming, effects, occasional backing vocals and synth.
Ian Shuttleworth: guitar and backing vocals on Save Me.

Absent Friend solo recording originally credited to The Lonely Wretches, released on the cassette E.P. Goosing The Choirboys (Cathouse Records PUSS CS-110-C, 1990).

And it came to pass that the song was not finished, and the condemned angels did rise up as one and say: “Thou art but the spawn of a female jackal, and shall be cast out.”  And lo, the song was cast into the outer darkness, wherein dwelt such doleful creatures as the Out-take and the Bum Note.  And it was in fear and trembling that the song didst cry out to its Maker, saying: “Lord, Lord, was I not Thy favourite son?  Why then hast Thou forsaken me?”  And its Maker said unto it: “Wouldst indeed that thou had been a dutiful son, and done that which I commanded.   Yet in thy pride thou didst refuse all further overdubs.  Now it has come to pass that thou art unfinished, and shall never be whole Therefore I say thou art unclean, and shall not appear on the album.”  And the song didst cry out again in its distress, but its Maker heard it not, for He had discovered a really wicked new riff on the piano.

—from The Gospel According To Marp.


  • Some Bloody Accident (1:50)
  • Leaving (3:08)
  • Myself And I (4:33)
  • Had I A Glass, I Would (1:45)
  • Little Flags (3:46)
  • A Different Star (6:07)
  • Ice Palace (3:27)
  • Another Bloody Accident (2:12)
  • Faraway Dreamlands (3:15)
  • Nuclear Physics (1:35)
  • Save Me (3:51)
  • The New Citizen (5:26)
  • Surface Textures (1:41)
  • He Got Elected [1986] (2:45)
  • Save Me [alternative mix] (3:54)
  • Absent Friend [1990] (5:36)