Black Animal Summer 

Iain Walker

Cemental Health Records EEG16

All compositions Walker, © control Mad Arab Music, except 
Apes Danced In Asia Walker/Öpik/ Shuttleworth, 
© control Mad Arab Music/Lonesome Kitten Ditties/Anal Memoranda; 
Loathsome Tonight Walker/Catherwood, © control Mad Arab Music/Shart III.

Recorded at the Winter Headquarters, July 1985–April 1987. 
Produced and engineered by Iain Walker. 
Mixed at the Winter Headquarters by Iain Walker with the assistance of 
Ian Shuttleworth and John Catherwood except where noted.
Digitally remastered November 2004.

Thanks to Ian, John, Eoin, Endel and Patrick.
You are thus all denounced as accessories.

For what it’s worth, this album is dedicated to 
Alison, the Materialists and the New Flesh.  In that order.
Drink deep...

“What am I working on?  I’m working on something that will change the world 
and human life as we know it...”

Cover by D.N.I., incorporating study for Ghoul Feeding by Richard Upton Pickman, reproduced with the kind permission of the Carter Foundation.

This title (P) 1987, 2004 Cemental Health Records.

IAIN WALKER: electronics, tapes, programming, keyboards, voice.
IAN SHUTTLEWORTH: bass, guitar outrages, backing vocals.
EOIN PATTERSON: acoustic percussion.


  • Breaking The Ice (2:28)
  • Apes Danced In Asia (4:07)
  • Turning (5:04)
  • Loathsome Tonight (2:58)
  • Line Of Sight (4:04)
  • The Vivisector Part I (5:29)
  • The Vivisector Part II (3:50)
  • The Vivisector Part III (5:19)
  • Discontinuity (4:21)
  • Razor Blade Labia (4:47)
  • Typhonian Spring (4:48)
  • Massive Internal Insult (6:27) 
  • We Are Still Saying Goodbye (3:10)
  • Saint Virus (4:16): outtake from the Black Animal Summer sessions, 1985–6.
  • Anthropological Data (3:58) (Harder/Oriel/Yeats, © control Mad Arab Music/Anal Memoranda): originally credited to Oaths In French and released (this 1986 version) on the compilation Baissez Les Aveugles (EEG26) and (original 1984 version) on the compilation More Songs About Christians And Flesh (EEG13).
  • Razor Blade Labia (5:24): 1999 work-in-progress re-recording.
  • I Shall Be Content When I Awake With Thy Likeness (3:52): 1999 provisional work-in-progress version.