Cemental Health Records present

More Songs About Christians And Flesh

Cemental Health Records EEG13

A second compilation of material from Cemental Health Records and its associates.

For individual track credits see below.

Digitally remastered November 2004.

Cover: photographer unknown.  Oh, but if we could find him....

This title (P) 1984, 2004 Cemental Health Records.

In 1983 Cemental Health Records released the sampler Show Us Your Nuts (EEG07), featuring (in its original cassette form) one side of tracks drawn from our then-current roster of artists and one of previously unreleased material.  More Songs... repeats this format for the product released since then.  Phase Two: enter the flanger.


  • Ian S.: Christ [1984 re-recording] (7:16) (Shuttleworth; © control Anal Memoranda) – I.S. plays guitar and sings.  Produced by I.S. at Ghetto.  This version otherwise unavailable at time of original release; now on the remastered edition of Chew Bastille Relevance (EEG02).
  • Great Cthulhu’s Starry Wisdom Band: The Groper On The Dancefloor (Cthulhu Rap) (5:28) (Walker/Shuttleworth; © control Mad Arab Music/Anal Memoranda) – Andrew Benson (bass), Lewis Oriel (guitar), Roy Watson (synthesizer), I.S. (lead vocals), The Dhol Chanteuses (backing vocals).  Produced by I.S. at Ghetto and (lead vocal) Davy Sims at Downtown.  From Ian S.’s album Another Day, Another Dolour (EEG09).
  • The Problem Of Pain: Rider On The Bat-Winged Horse (4:28)  (PoP; © control Mad Arab Music) – Eoin Patterson (drums), Roy Watson (bass, piano), Iain Walker (synth, piano, treatments).  Produced by Jon Silverside (for Menagerie Productions) at the Winter Headquarters.  From the album Gentlemen Taken And Done For (EEG10).
  • This “Blue Piano”: Summertime (5:09)  (Lamont; © control, PRO-Canada) – Ken Ashdown (bass), Colin Cahill (drums), Stephen Lamont (guitar, vocals).  Produced by TBP at Duffy’s Tavern/Radio Free Botswana.  From the album Dick And Jane Eat God (EEG11).
  • Ian S.: Concussion (7:57)  (Shuttleworth; © control Anal Memoranda) – I.S. (most vocals, all instruments, programming), Iain Walker (some vocals, technical omnicompetence).  Co-produced at Ghetto and the Winter Headquarters.  From the album Imam? (EEG14).
  • Blue Rhythm: Chalk Face (4:00) (Maxwell/Mclwaine; © control) – Paul Maxwell (vocals), Paul McIlwaine (guitar), Alan Shields (double bass), Bill (drums).  Recording details unknown.
  • The Baby Vultures: Standard Love (6:44)  (Bartley/Lightfoot; © control) – Pete Bartley (guitar), Howard Ingram (bass), Chris James (synth), Sid Lightfoot (vocals),  Produced by Pete Bartley (for Bag Coat Productions) at UBC.  From the Pseudo Farls/Baby Vultures cassette Syco-Delik P-Funk Dub (Bag Coat Recordings).
  • Oaths In French: Anthropological Data (3:41)  (Harder/Oriel/Yeats; © control Mad Arab Music/Anal Memoranda) – Lewis Oriel (synth, backing vocals), George Harder (synth, lead vocals, rhythm programming).  Produced by Iain Walker at the Winter Headquarters.  Otherwise unavailable at time of original release; now a bonus track on the expanded edition of Iain Walker’s album Suffocating In Whitby (EEG08)
  • The Invisible College: Panic In Detroit (3:56)  (David Bowie; MainMan) – John Catherwood (lead vocals, lead guitar), Dr Rauss Elysium (rhythm guitar, bass, backing vocals).  Produced by the Mad Fishmonger at Ghetto.
  • Young Men In Spats: Tenebrio (3:46)  (Plastics/Catherwood; © control Mad Arab Music) – John Catherwood (bass synth, devices), Eoin Patterson (percussion), Martin Plastics (lead synth).  Produced by Iain Walker at the Winter Headquarters.  Tenebrio is the unholy spawn of The Ornamental Scream, which can be heard on I.W.’s Suffocating In Whitby.
  • The Bazouki Brothers: That’s The Time (4:24)  (Bazoukis; © control) – David Bryce (guitar), Gordon Hood (guitar), Paul Maxwell (vocals), Nigel (bass), Rufus (drums).  Produced by Rastus at Downtown.
  • Stephen Lamont: What Do I Want? (4:18) (Lamont; © control, PRO-Canada) – S.L. plays everything.  Produced by S.L.; recorded at home in Montréal.  This version otherwise unavailable at time of original release; now a bonus track on the expanded edition of This “Blue Piano”’s album Exhibit A (EEG06)
  • Paul West And His Mood: Where’s Julie? (3:07) (West; Blue Rhythm Publ.) – Paul West (vocals), ?Paul McIlwaine (guitar), Howard Ingram (bass).  Produced by Paul Maxwell and Howard Ingram.  Originally released as a single on Blue Rhythm Records.
  • The Baby Vultures: Tomorrow Never Knows (4:16) (Lennon/McCartney; Northern Songs) – all details as for Standard Love, except vocals Pete Bartley.
  • Ian S.: Christ [1985 piano version] (6:37) – I.S. plays piano and sings.  Produced by I.S. at the Winter Headquarters.
  • Oaths In French: Leaping In General (2:53) (Harder/Oriel; © control Mad Arab Music) – let us simply agree never to speak of it.