Exhibit A

This "Blue Piano"

Cemental Health Records EEG06

STEPHEN LAMONT: guitar, vocals
KEN ASHDOWN: bass guitar, backing vocals, lead vocals on 9
NORMAN MACKAY: keyboards, guitar

Original tracks S.L. and S.L./K.A. demos recorded at home, 
Summer 1981–Spring 1982. 
Bonus tracks recorded ?1983.  (What Do I Want? S.L. solo.)

All songs written by Stephen Lamont, except 
Breakfast In Bed, Exposed, Watching, Chivalry Lamont/Ashdown. 
© control.

Produced by Stephen Lamont.
Mastered by Ian Shuttleworth.
Digitally remastered October 2004.

This title (P) 1982, 2004 Cemental Health Records.


  • This Hour (4:05) Written August 1980 (35th anniversary of Hiroshima).  Lyrics are older.  Usual depression guff.  A bit clumsy, but can attain a certain power. 
  • Strive (3:59)
  • What Do I Want? (4:22)
  • Bedroom (2:34) Short and to the point.  Title sums up the theme.  A very “constructed” song; also very “nice” (as in Michael Crawford, some might suggest).  Written there in August 1981.
  • Grow Up (3:25) “A problem with this new scheme/Is answering obscene phone calls...”  Very pseudy, given a complete overhaul from its original version.  A bit boring in places, I’ll admit...
  • Red Capital Letters (3:19) My own personal fave.  Written without a guitar in September 1981.  Everyone who hears this goes away with it in their head and I catch them humming it all the time.
  • Chapter Three (5:04)
  • Breakfast In Bed (5:38) Ah, the classic.  Hits most people where it hurts.  Lyrics mine from August 1981: optimism is viable.  Backlash for Ashdownian Joy Div obsession.  Break and ending are added bonuses to the lazy feel of the... Aw, I just love this one.
  • Exposed (6:02) Developed from a riff we came up with over summer 1981; even Henry liked it.  Lyrics by ken, originally about scenes inspired by listening to Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart.  JD-type driving bass riff and really catchy guitar.
  • Watching (2:13) The only one we actually sat down and forged between us.  His lyrics about conservatism, I suppose.  Poppy as hell, loved by some... Written November 1981.
  • Chivalry (4:42) Ken and his girlfriend love this ’un.  I’ll give him credit for a brilliant bass line.  Lyrics mine about Lovelacean separation of lust ’n’ love.  I’ve grown out of ’em.  Probably would be the A-side of any single...  June 1982.

Notes by Stephen Lamont for original 1982 release and from private correspondence.  That release originally included a live recording from the Cat’s Paw, Montréal, 25 June 1982; this has proved impossible to restore.  Frankly, it was shite to begin with.


  • This Hour (4:59)
  • Bedroom (2:51)
  • Grow Up (4:54)
  • 68 (6:22) Title is about a bus.  Written May 1982 concerning a trip I took downtown to buy an amplifier and imagining the bus crashed.  Hear A Figure Walks from the Fall’s Dragnet album (and the middle eight is The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry, I know).
  • Keel Haul (3:41) Lyrics about education = ham-fisted way of showing love.  Very rocky (just to keep my hand in, probably).  Has all sorts of weird rhythm changes around the chorus.  See The Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser and it should be clearer.
  • Antwerp (6:02) Lyrics from August 1981.  Everybody has one political song lurking within them.  Socialist only by heart, I wrote this in the early hours of the morning.  Antwerp: birthplace of modern capitalism, richest city in Europe in 1550.  Starts off with false WW1 “plucky city” beginning.  A bit boring too...
  • What Do I Want? (4:18)

plus EXHIBIT B: 
1983 sessions with vocalist SABRINA 

  • This Hour (4:46) 
  • Bedroom (2:37)
  • Grow Up (4:30)
  • Red Capital Letters (3:26)
  • Breakfast In Bed (4:09)
  • Exposed (5:14)
  • Chivalry (4:35)
  • 68 (5:53)
  • Keel Haul (3:10)
  • Antwerp (5:50)
  • Cool And Laughing (4:17)
  • You (3:54)
  • I Before E (2:38)
  • October (3:29)
  • Promises (4:14)
  • Michael (3:41)