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The year 2007 is brought to you by those nice people at Redemption '09 and Orbital 2008

Redemption 07

Orbital 2008 - from the people behind Redemption

D'zenoveCon - The 19th UK national filk convention
'D'zenoveCon'. is from the Portuguese for 'nineteen', and sounds like 'Genova" - so the Geneva Convention.
Location: In Basingstoke, at the hotel used for Contabile Fortean.
Guests of Honour: UK Mike Richards Overseas guest: Lady Mondegreen (Merav Hoffman, Seanan McGuire and Batya Wittenberg)
Membership: £27 paper, £26 all electronic, £13 unwaged and children.

Hinckley Island Hotel, Leics.
Membership: GBP 55.00, GBP 60.00 at door.
Day Membership: GBP 35.00. GBP 40.00 at door.
Contact: 26 Kings Meadow View, Wetherby, LS22 7FX


06/04/2007 - 09/04/2007
This British Eastercon has been CANCELLED but see Contemplation below for the replacement Eastercon for 2007!

06/04/2007 - 09/04/2007
The Replacement Eastercon
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Chester, UK
Guests of Honour: None Yet, though Convoy's have been invited.
Membership: GBP 45.00 for full Attending, GBP 35.00 for Unwaged, GBP 20.00 for Supporting, GBP 20.00 for Junior (aged 13-17 years on 6 April 2007), GBP 5.00 for Child (aged 5-12 on 6 April 2007), GBP 1.00 for child (aged under 5 on 6 April 2007) (GBP 1.00 for a soft toy badge)
Accommodation: GBP 85 for standard twin/double, GBP 75 for single, GBP 105 for executive twin/double. Some family rooms available at same prices.
Note: Fran Dowd and Chris O'Shea (The Magician) are trying to pull an Eastercon out of a hat. Like any magician they need an assistant (well lots of assistants actually). If you can help (experienced con runners especially welcome) please volunteer on the website or send an email.
Contact: Contemplation, 379 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ

25/05/2007 - 27/05/2007
Help Fight the Evil Empire
Location: Normandy Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland
Membership: GBP 35.00
Note: Convivial is at it again
Contact: Confounding Tales, c/o Dr. P. H. Sneddon, 66 High Street, Stewarton, East Ayrshire, KA3 5DY

Stage Hotel, Leicester
Membership: GBP 35.00
Contact: 14 Endsleigh Gdns, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2HJ

RECOMBINATION (aka Harmuni 3)
A roleplaying, science fiction, fantasy and filk convention run by fans
Location: New Hall, Cambridge
Among other things Recombination is: the 2007 British Roleplaying Society convention, Unicon 21, and Harmuni 3. Harmuni Guest: Franklin Gunkelmann.
Contact: Recombination Membership, 155 Gilbert Road, Cambridge CB4 3PA, UK

NIPPON 2007 (65th World Science Fiction Convention)

Pacifico Yokohama (, Yokohama, Japan.
Author Guests of Honour:
Sakyo Komatsu & David Brin
Artist Guests of Honour: Yoshitaka Amano & Michael Whelan
Fan Guest of Honour: Takumi Shibano
For conversions, see website
Credit Card memberships charges in Japanese Yen. Cash and cheques in local currency to local agents.
Accommodation 1: Intercontinental Hotel (
Accommodation 2: Pan Pacific Hotel (, Yokohama. Room prices to be determined.
North America Peggy Rae Sapienza, peggyraes at comcast dot net. Nippon2007, PO Box 314, Annapolis Junction MD 20701-0314, USA.
UK Mike "Sparks" Rennie, Nippon2007, 68 Crichton Avenue, Burton Stone Lane, York, GREAT BRITAIN, YO30 6EE, UK.
Europe Vincent Doherty, vj1709 at hotmail dot com. Nippon2007, Koninginnegracht 75a, 2514A Den Haag, Netherlands.
Australia Craig Macbride, nippon07 at f8d dot com. Nippon2007, PO Box 274, World Trade Centre, Vic, 8005, Australia.
Japan Nippon2007/JASFIC, 4-20-5-604, Mure, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0002 Japan.

Cult TV Weekender

Location: Seacroft Holiday Village, Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
Guests of Honour: t.b.a.
Contact: Cult TV Weekender 2007, P.O. Box 1701, Wolverhampton, WV4 4WT, UK

Eurocon 2007
The 2007 European Convention
Copenhagen, Denmark
Guests of Honour:
Anne McCaffrey, David A. Hardy, Stephen Baxter & Zoran Zivkovic
Membership: From now and until 1st January 2007 the price is: DKK 100.00 or GBP 10.00 or EUR 15.00 or USD 18.00 or NOK 100.00 or SEK 130.00
From 1st January 2007 and until 1st August 2007 the price is: DKK 150.00 or GBP 15.00 or EUR 22.50 or US$ 24.00 or NOK 165.00 or SEK 195.00
After that - and at the door - the price per day is: DKK 100.00 (no foreign currency accepted at the door)
A weekend ticket (Friday to Sunday) can be purchased at the door on Friday for DKK 200.00
Telephone: (mobile) +4520750181
E-mail: contact (at) (direct link removed at request of organisers)
Webpage: (In English)

- The German Filk Convention
Location: Freusburg Castle Youth Hostel, near Freudenberg and Siegen.
Guests of Honour: Dandelion Wine from Canada.
Nearly everyone speaks very good English, and a lot of the songs are in English. There is a strong contingent from the UK there every year.

Novacon 37

Location: Quality Hotel, Bentley, near Walsall, W.Mids. UK
Guest of Honour: Charles Stross

Cineology 2008
Cult Film Exposed
Location: Seacroft Holiday Vllage, Hemsby, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
Guests of Honour: t.b.a.
Contact: Cineology 2008, P.O. Box 1701, Peterborough, PE7 1ER, UK

Orbital 2008
The British Eastercon
Location: Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, London
Guests of Honour: Neil Gaiman, Tanith Lee, China Miéville, Charles Stross, Fan GoH - Rog Peyton
Membership: Attending GBP 45.00, Unwaged GBP 35.00, Supporting GBP 20.00, Junior GBP 20.00, Child GBP 5.00, Infant GBP 1.00, Apocryphal, Soft toy GBP 1.00, Beeblebear GBP 1.42
Accommodation: (In Radisson Edwardian) Single room GBP 64.00, Twin room GBP 84.00, Double room GBP 84.00, Triple room GBP 109.00, Twin room + Z-bed GBP 109.00, Double room + Z-bed GBP 109.00.
Contact: Judith Proctor, Waveney, 28 Diprose Rd, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3QY

28/06/2008 - 29/06/2008
ConRunner 2008 - A UK/European Con-Running Convention
Location: Britannia Hotel Wolverhampton
Contact: ConRunner, 56 Jackmans Place, Letchworth G.C., Herts, SG6 1RH

2008 sometime
Warp 2008
Norway's Biggest Sci-Fi Convention
Location: Trondheim
Guests of Honour: t.b.a.
More details to come

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