When people think of Tantra, the immediate association is with ritual sex. Although this is an important part of the Tantric tradition, there is far more in common between the Tantric and Thelemic traditions than is commonly supposed. The idea of a perfected, tanscendent 'self' is common to both, as are the techniques for realizing that 'self'.

The 'Middle Pillar Exercise' of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is all but identical to the technique of 'tattva shuddhi', or elemental purification, in the Tantric 6 chakra system. The 'vibrations' technique of pronouncing names of God has marked similarities with the practice of mantra, and no obvious western precursors.

Perhaps more important than the techniques themselves are the philosophies which enable the techniques to be harnessed. Both Thelema and Tantrika perceive a Divine Particle within every individual, and equate the success of a particular magickal operation with obtaining union with the Divine self, and hence with the larger deity. In Tantrika, the manifest world is conceptualized as Shakti, and the universal transcedental consciousness (within and without) as Siva. Reality is the love-play between the two. On the earthly plane, Shakti is the goddess Dakini, whom the adept must win over if she or he is to make magick on the physical plane. In the Thelemic tradition, a similar role is performed by angels, who can act in accordance with the True or Divine Will in a particular sphere of manifestation.

Whereas mainstream exoteric religions tend to see divine inspiration either as an accident or as a reward for good behaviour, the magickal traditions of east and west see it as a goal towards which one can progress by means of certain exercises. This is the meaning of 'Yoga', thought by many in the west to be a kind or cosmic keep fit. In fact this type of Yoga, 'Hatha Yoga', was invented by Gorakhnath as a means of utilizing the body for magickal ends. The human body is a map of the cosmos available to all, even those without academic learning. The use of the body, in hatha yoga and sexual yoga, was one of the many reasons why the Nath sect was as popular amongst the peasant farmers of ancient India as among the ruling Aryan elite. The idea that "The Law is for all" is another fundamental link between the Thelemic and Tantric traditions, and distinguishes us from the slave religions which reserve "spirituality" for the ruling elite.


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