Disk Copying Service

Meadow View, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry,
Shropshire, England, SY10 7RN

Tel: 01691 778659 Fax: 01691 777638

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What We Do

MAPEJ specialises in copying data between Amstrad PCW/CPC, BBC, Amiga, Apple ][, IBM PC, Apple Macintosh and Sinclair QL disk formats, whether on 3", 3.5" or 5.25" disks.

When necessary we can archive data onto CDs (Mac, MSDOS and Windows formats). We can convert data between the major word processors, spreadsheets and databases (including LocoScript).


Helpful pointers for those wanting data copied

Before sending any disks always phone to discuss first, just in case there are any special requirmements. It may also save you money.

Review the data on the disks to be sure they contain only the files that you want. Ensure that each disk is as full as possible before sending them in order to reduce the number of disks and therefore the costs. If the disk needs to be turned over in order to use the other side, ensure both sides are used.

If you have a PCW8512 or 9512 DO NOT try and format the other side of the disk. The computers automatically uses both sides and formatting "SIDE 2" will only destroy your data.

While we can convert between a wide variety of word processing, spreadsheet and database formats some are just impossible and we may ask you to save your files in some suitable interchange format before sending the disks (such as Rich Text Format, WordPerfect 5.1 or ASCII). This is one of the reasons why you should phone first. If you have an Amstrad PCW with LocoScript 4 you must save your files as LocoScript 3 (an option on the f1 menu). There are no problems with LocoScript versions 1, 2 & 3.

If you want software copied, you will be disappointed. Software designed for one type of computer is unlikely to work on a different computer (although BBC, QL and CP/M emulators are available on the Net). The only type that will work on different machines are BASIC programs (and these will need some amendment which we are unable to do). BASIC programs should be saved as ASCII files, otherwise they will be unreadable. It is sometimes possible to get the same version of BASIC on you new machine (e.g. BBC BASIC and Mallard BASIC are available in PC versions)



Costs are: £25 per disk for copying and converting files (if file conversion is possible) including supply of target disk.

There are discounts for quantity, starting at 10% for 10 disks or more, 15% for 25 or more, 20% for 50 or more, 25% for 100 or more. Larger quantities are negotiable.

VAT and package and postage (1st class) within the United Kingdom are included in the price.


Payment accepted by cash or cheque in sterling or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) via PayPal. If paying by credit card we will add a 2% surcharge (we are charged 4%). We will send you and e-mail invoice with a link to pay via PayPal's server.

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